Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Best friends 😍

Matching hair........ Mini-me

Me 4 years ago before this life

Gym is me time :)

I had a spare hour after work tonight so popped up the gym. Decided to leave cardio again because my chest is still feeling wheezy. So tonight was arm and upper back night. I didn't think I was making any progress but with good lighting I've starting to notice a little definition. I have been mainly working my arms and upper back using cable machines and free weights. This enables me to engage a greater range of muscles through greater control.

My motivation now is to be toned and slender for my works Christmas night out!!! Small Goals....... 

Tonight consisted of:
Assisted chin ups
Lateral raises
Front raises
Lat pull down
Bent over row
Then with kettle bell 
Single arm row
Hammer bicep curls
Then with Dumbbells
Triceps kick backs


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Have I found the parenting bible ?

So while at the local library with my daughter Layla-Rose, I came across this! I do like Super nanny and believe in her methods. This book is NEVER in the library so I think it's hot property and right now it's all MINE. 
I've been quite fortunate that naughty step has rarely had to be an option when it comes to discipline but layla-rose has definitely become more challenging recently. 
I will write a review once finished, I'm only on first chapter. I've even got my partner to read snippets I which I'm surprised about! I really want us to be consistent with our daughter so I need to keep him interested. 

Time glad I encaptured this moment

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Soap & Glory Face Soap and Clarity

Currently been using Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pore and Shine wash but felt the consistency of the gel didn't spread well over my face. So I thought I would try something new, from my current favourite brand. They had two face washes and decided to go for the newer of the two. Soap & Glory Face Soap and Clarity, 3 in 1 daily detox with super fruit. 
It has a fragrance of clean freshness and consistency of loose gel with pink gel micro beads.  It says you need a grape size measure but I felt this was far too much. I would you half the size for good coverage. Initially I thought it smelt like refresher sweets with a hint of fruit. Once lathered into face you feel a slight menthol tingle high really awakes and freshens your skin. My face felt clean and smooth after and I following this with Soap & Glory Drama clean 5in1 micellar cleansing water (review soon). Overall a good product, as always with Soap & Glory. 

Lazy Sunday

Awkward moments

Sunday morning and I'm wandering about in my pyjama bottoms. While talking to my little girl in the bathroom, she looks at my tummy and asks "Mummy where's you baby gone?" I honestly was so taken back I didn't know what to say. I just looked at her, she continued " Is baby not going round and round anymore?" I quickly but awkwardly responded with "No darling" 
It's been 3 months and she hasn't mentioned anything before! 
I do regret telling her so soon, when we got caught up in all the excitement of extending our little family. All my friends were pregnant or just had their second, it was the environment we were in. 
Once we lost the baby we hoped she would just forget or not remember. Until know I thought that was the case.  I realise now I under estimated a 2 year old. 
I wish I could give her a baby brother or sister. But it's just not happening. I'm using ovulation tests but my fertile phases are not coinsiding with my partner being in the country. Hopefully when I step down from my career, I won't be feeling so run down and stressed.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Feeling under the weather

Since coming back from Majorca 6 weeks ago I've been feeling a little run down. Mainly symptoms of cold, cough and tiredness. But my cough has gone on in various forms for about six weeks.
So I went to the doctor and explained how my chest is tight etc and he thinks I might have Asthma. This was a total surprise to me and I hadn't even thought of it. So I am now trying out the inhaler as and when, but not feeling the positive effects. I'm still coughing morning, noon and night. 
The rubbish thing about this, is that I've not been training at the gym because I can't breath which leads me to feeling tired and then I eat rubbish carbs. Need to snap out of it as I want to be looking great for the Christmas party!! 
Only 4 more weeks left if work!!! 
I looked in to getting some barocca and by luck we had been given in work some free samples of Emergency-C.

 A supplement of energy release and immunity support. So I grabbed a weeks worth and now I'm going to try them out and see if the work. 
It includes vitamins B12 and B6 for energy release. Vitamin C, D and zinc help support your immune system. 
I've also read that zinc helps fertility!!!

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Miracle in a bottle!

I treated myself to this a while back after reading a few positive reviews. 
It costs approx £35 but worth it's money.
The product is called Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask. 

 It's many womens dream to be able to love our skin better with regular facials or the occasional gentle peel. 
I did once go to a beauticians for a fruit acid peel and loved the results, leaving with flawless soft skin. But costing £65 a go, it's was inevitable that it was a one off treat. 
The pump action bottle is 50ml and lasts forever!! 
A exfoliating mask formulated to renew the complexion, dramatically improve skin tone and radiance and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

It takes 10 minutes and is then removed with a Muslim cloth to reveal brighter healthier more radiant skin.
It does exactly what it says on the box....

Not enough minutes in the day

Since having my daughter the weight hasn't been so easy to maintain as before. But the best workout I found that helped me get back in shape was Metafit. 30 minutes of your busy day is all you need. The actual routine can vary between 16-20 mins of pretty much non stop exercise. I found this a great class to fit in after dinner time before I fatigued for the evening. Plus it gave my partner no option but to bath the wee one. (Which is something he would never volunteer for without "nagging").
I did my class this morning so it didn't disrupt our family weekend. I like the fact you can choose your intensity and there are varied options for wether your a novice or experienced. This helped me shift the last stubborn 3 kg of baby weight. 
I see on many of the mother chat forums that diets seem to be most options and I wish I could convince them 30 mins 3 times a week could make the positive changes to their bodies they need. I couldn't imagine dieting with a wee one. I needed sugar and carbs all the time because I was so sleep deprived. I also find time away for myself is precious and it's nice just to be me for that moment. Gym time is me time....

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Morning workout

I had a little time before work today so jumped in the gym for a cheeky quick workout. I was in there about 40 mins and worked my arms and shoulders on the cable machine. This is one of my favourite peices of equipment in the gym, there is so many different areas of your body you can focus on. The cable means you have resistance in both directions yet you still have to control your movement via the cable. This means your core and assisting muscles play a big part in your workout too.  

I recommend this YouTube page to subscribe to if your new to this. She is very inspiring and instructs clearly especially if you new to this. 
On the cable machine at the gym I tend to focus on my shoulders (delts), triceps, biceps and my lats ( back ). While doing all my exercises my core has to be engaged too. 
This week I upped the weight and dropped the reps down to 8. 

Wee selfie on the cable machine while in the gym..... While no one is looking

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Fortunes told

So last week me and a friend decided to visit a psychic centre, recommend by a friend. I decided to have my tarot cards read as it had been a long time since I had a reading. 
I was pleasantly surprised how accurate he was, firstly mentioning about I am lonely for periods of time. I do feel this when my partner works abroard, which the psychic did pick up on. At times I do really become homesick, missing my parents, sister and her children. 
Another subject he touched on was the loss of our baby a couple of months ago. He did say he saw us with two children one girl and one boy. There were so many questions I forgot to ask but I did asked him about education, and if I would return to it in the future,  as I was hopeful I would go back to university. He didn't see university but did see me obtain skills and qualifications via learning  within a new job. 
There were lots of other areas that he did touch on, including marriage, living abroard. So only time will tell......

Monday, 6 October 2014

Jackson Reece "Kinder by Nature" herbal baby wipes

This is my first product review and hopefully will be the start of many more. I thought my first product should be something I truly believe in and use on an everyday basis. 
These wipes are my favourite right now, they are at the higher end of the baby wipe price market. Available at many supermarkets averaging around £2.00 but I tend to stock up when they are on offer. I purchased these at a third off £1:33, so have stocked up. Also available on line but can cost up to £3.85 per packet. 
I discovered these after my daughter had started potty training. She began to complain she was sore down below so I took her to the doctors. I was told to stop all soap products and toilet/ baby wipes. I felt she wasn't clean, so looked into a natural product I could use to clean her. 
These are called " Kinder by Nature" which state they are 
•natural herbal baby wipes 
•100% alcohol and paraben free
•Organic ingredients and hypoallergenic 

These are fab and have been using them for the last 6 months. I have even taken a packet into nursery for her to use. 
Unlike many baby wipes these are full of moisture containing a blend of organic tea tree oil, aloe Vera and aromatherapy essential oil of yang ylang. There are 64 wipes in a packet and each wipe is biodegradable and compostable. 

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Leap of Faith

So over the last few weeks I've been trying to make one of the biggest decisions of my life. It certainly hasn't been easy and I've been sitting on the fence for a while. 
This year my partner got a fantastic new job which paid well and opened up many new opportunities for him. He had finally found a prosperous career and I was so proud of him. 
Until that point I was earning the most money so my career dominated many decisions. Working full time with a child in full time childcare doesn't come cheap and left me with little money. So my partner paid the bills and mortgage. 
This new fantastic job did come with a negative.....which involved regularly working abroard! I had no idea how hard my world was about to be come, juggling career and motherhood. I have the upmost respect for working single mums. 
Unfortunately my family live down south so my support network is minimal. Working shifts was very challenging with nursery runs and trying to find people to help me babysit. Infact overtime is has become exhausting. 
While being away on holiday in Majorca with my family I began to question was it all worth it. With the little money I was getting after our goings was all the stress and the demand of a management positionI worth it. I was tired and snappy and my daughter and partner were in the receiving end. I also felt guilty I'd missed so much of my daughter, she has done fantastically at nursery and is growing into a fantastic, bright little girl. 
This week I have made the choice to finally give up my career of 15 years, to spent more quality time with my little girl. I am sad that I have worked so hard to prove myself and it's only now opportunities have arisen. But I'm also excited to make so many more memories with my little girl. 
The dream of a possible career change, the opportunities to study again have never felt so close. New beginnings I can reinvent myself again and be a better partner and mother.