Thursday, 25 February 2016

2nd Trimester- Maternity Support Band

Again this was another repeat purchase from my first pregnancy, I actually gave my first one to a friend who was pregnant and was still working out. So I purchased another one from the same supplier on ebay.
The make is Carriwell and is 92% and 8% elastane.

The time came in my function training class that a wee star jump or light job in a warm up began to feel a little heavy (not painful)
This prompted me to buy another support band, I chose black as most of my gym kit was dark. It is a ribbed/ structured lycra band with no seams, so no irritation on that sensitive bump. It actually flatters your shape by sitting under your sports bra and sitting just below the waistband. There are many other support bands in the market but are not really catered for sport. The ones you usually find and heavy wrap around Velcro belts which are not comfortable if your exercising.

The make is Carriwell and is 92% and 8% elastane.