Thursday, 16 April 2015

Anterior Placenta

With my first pregnancy I was blessed to feel baby flutters at 14 weeks. This time I have felt very little movement and by my 20 week scan it was still minimal in comparison to my first. 
The midwife explained my placenta was sitting at the front of baby against my tummy. This is apparently why I have felt very little movement. The technical name for this is Anterior placenta. 
The has been a small section on my lower left abdominal wall where I can feel wee kicks. Over the past few weeks since scan the kicks are getting stronger to the point where I can see my bump moving! Yet still it is only in this wee section I can feel it. 
I  unsure for what will happen next, will it move or will baby just become stronger, so wriggles and kicks will be inevitable.
Over the next few weeks I will monitor it. I have a check up with the midwife on Tuesday so will ask her then. 

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Family day out

While we have been blessed with great weather so early in the year, we decided to explore the outdoors.
We decided to head to New Lanark, which is a World heritage site about 45 mins out of Glasgow. 

There is a great walk along the Clyde towards the Falls of the Clyde. This is a 5 km walk with a fair terrain or steep hills, steps and mud. It is really worth the views but soon discovered it was tough with a buggy and 3 year old. But we did have fun and are fairly exhausted. I myself thinking I was clever decided to ignore the signs and continued to keep walking. Adding on at least 4km onto our adventure. 

This would have been fairly easy minus mud, child and buggy. 
Considering I have had to reduce my cardio dramatically, it felt really good to hike in the fresh air while pregnant! We stocked up on snacks and water to keep us going. Even though we are a tired trio this evening I cannot wait for our next adventure! 

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Spot the difference

The first picture is me 24 weeks pregnant with Layla-Rose and this is me know at 22 weeks!! 

Monday, 6 April 2015

Its a girl!!!

ISo last week was our 20 week milestone.  Which meant baby scan!!!!! Again I felt so anxious coming up to this date, as I hadn't felt baby kick much.  Unlike my first which became noticeable as early as 14 weeks.
But as soon as baby came up in the screen you could clearly see the womb acrobats going on. It's such a strange thing to see all that movement happening inside you but you cannot feel it. 
A full scale inspection of baby was done, no part was left. Brain, heart, limbs, stomach, bladder and kidneys were just some of the areas we were blessed to see. 
While they were looking at the bladder area, I noticed the genitalia. At that moment I knew buy kept it to myself...., just incase I was wrong. Once all the necessaries were done they asked if we wanted to know the sex. Without hesitation we said yes, it would drive crazy not knowing. 
On this occasion it was a quick confident answer 'your having a healthy little girl'
So my guess from both scans and gut instinct were correct! 
The future is exciting and Layla  is beginning to understand more. I can keep all the clothes, blankets and bedding we have. It will be lovely to see her wear the wee items layla used to wear. 
I cannot wait to meet her!