Thursday, 26 February 2015

Toddlers Toothbrushing

So lately tooth brushing has becoming challenging with a three year old. One week she can be adamant to do it alone and then another week she just refuses. 
The occasions you do get her to brush her teeth she either spits out the tooth paste or feels 5 seconds is sufficient. The battle of the toothbrush is the last thing you want when your tired at the end of the day. 
So I have found a free app called Brusheez. It seems to be the answer to all our problems. You have monster characters you can chose from. If you child is a little older you can remove the teeth on the character to coincide with your own child's milk teeth lost. The timer can also be set to how long brushing time you want. 
Layla loves this app and actually gets excited to brush her teeth. She is still young so her technique isn't quite there yet, so I do tend to give her teeth an extra brush after. The little character shows the child how and where to put your tooth brush.

First trimester over

I feel I have been in hibernation the last three months. The tiredness and nausea has not been fun.

So at my 12 week scan I find out I am actually 13 weeks!!! Which is fantastic because I was originally due the same day as my sisters wedding. New due date is now August 16th! 
Layla-Rose understands there is a baby in my tummy, as I have a noticeable bump now. Bump has made an appearance much sooner than my first.
So roll on second trimester, I'm feeling good, back at the gym and have started to eat much more healthy again.