Thursday, 17 July 2014

8 and a half months(33 weeks) pregnant, boxing tra

6 months 26 weeks pregnant and still boxing

Six and a half months pregnant woman boxing training

My history

So this is my first Blog,  and thought it would be good to talk about my last pregnancy first. I discovered I was pregnant not long after completing my Level 2 reps Gym instructor course. At that time I was at a good fitness level and was competing in Kick boxing and also did Thai boxing and boxing also. I made the decision to stop the majority of these disciplines while pregnant and did a lot of researched into what would be safe for me to continue. I discovered boxing (with no physical contact) would be my best option, along with some gym work which I continued up to my 38 week pregnancy.
My daughter was born 38 +4 weeks, the labour was very quick and uncomplicated. I didn't use pain relief and feel looking after myself, conditioning my body and maintaining a good fitness level contributed to the positive experience I had. This is why I would like to share my second pregnancy week in week with you. I was about 57kg before my first pregnancy and the week I had my daughter I weighed 75kg. I believe after 6 months I was back down to 63kg and probably got back down to about 59kg 4 months later.