Monday, 26 January 2015

10 weeks!!

So it is true you show a lot sooner on your second. I'm only 10 weeks pregnant and when naked there is an obvious bump. 
When I'm at the gym and catch a glimpse in the mirror, I see skinny arms, skinny legs and a barrel of a body.  Bye bye waist line. 
It is slowly becoming hard to disguise my pregnancy. Clothing consists of blouses and leggings. I cannot wait to have everyone know and I can go back to wearing what I want 

Tuesday, 20 January 2015


I am now 9 weeks pregnant and it's only now I am starting to feel human again. Between week 5 and 8 I felt so nauseous. I couldn't function it was so overwhelming. My heathy eating went out the window and was gorging on carbs.
I couldn't go to the gym, cook or even clean. Now I understand why they describe morning sickness like having a constant hang over. Luckily my partner was so supportive and did the cooking for me. 

Eventually I started actually being sick and that was when the constant nausea feeling disappeared. My eating is more under control and I can actually eat fruit and veg again. 

I'm back at the gym and have fantastic support from the personal trainers that are specifically trained in pre and post natal excercise. They are producing programs for me for each trimester which I will list up on here. I'm still doing classes with adaptations throughout. The main thing is to keep heart rate down and not to over heat. First trimester you can still do many of the exercises you were doing before but cardio is the biggest change, I cannot do to hiit training!! 

I really don't know how women manage to survive having morning sickness up to and past 12 weeks..