Sunday, 30 November 2014

Busy bee

Since last writing on this blog I have given up my career as a Visual Manager full time and reduced my hours down to 12 hrs a week. Which is primarily based in office doing recruitment which I'm really enjoying and learning something new.
My partner has now decided to change occupations. His new job means he is ironically home based ( hopefully not too much) 
I had mixed emotions on this, I had given up 15 years to look after Layla-Rose because he worked abroad so much. But I'm sure everything happens for a reason.
We have just celebrated my daughters 3rd birthday back home in England which was lovely. I honestly feel so less stressed being away from the manic pressure at work and do feel I've become a better mother and partner. Our wee family is in a happy place at the moment, the only thing missing is a wee brother or sister for Layla-Rose ( which she does keep asking for) 
She desperately wants a wee playmate. She doesn't completely understand but she is aware that all my friends have either babies or babies in their tummies. Hopefully now feeling less stressed and tired Mother Nature might bless us one more time.