Sunday, 28 September 2014


So It has been a crazy couple of months and I have been undecided wether to continue this blog. When I set up this page I was almost 8 weeks pregnant but unfortunately we lost our baby due to the pregnancy not growing.  I had such a fantastic first pregnancy I wanted to share all the amazing things I had done on this Blog and how I looked after myself through my pregnancy. And then my miscarriage happened, I felt like deleting everything because no one would trust my advice. But I have to look on the flip side and think about how great my first pregnancy and birth was and how I have recovered back to full fitness while juggling life.

Nothing prepares you for miscarriage and the physical and emotional journey you go through. It opened up mixed emotions about trying again, playing roulette on the most happiest or saddest moment of your life. We had been trying for a year with no luck ( my daughter accidentally happened first time) and then the wee positive happened. By  week 3 I started to prepare in my head everything we needed to do, as I had done this before I believed it would be as easy again. I was fine seeing babies and pregnant ladies, it hurt more returning the clothing I had purchased because I felt stupid for getting caught up in the moment.

So the journey continues on extending our wee family...................until then I have a beautiful 2 year old daughter to make many fantastic memories with!