Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Tips On Buying The Perfect Pair Of Pregnancy shoes

There are 3 things I believe you need to consider when deciding on a good shoe to wear during your pregnancy.

1. Easy to put on

Your feet slowly disappear and reaching over your growing belly to put on shoes will become almost impossible.
Choose a shoe that you can easily put on without the need to bend down. Slip on shoes without laces are particularly suited for pregnant women. I had a lovely pair of gladiator sandals with buckles at the sides. Even sitting down and trying to swing my leg round to fasten the buckle was impossible

2. Supportive

From getting tendinitis with  one pregnancy and bad knees with the other I strongly recommend footwear with good support. With added baby weight, the joints are going to be under more stress than usual, especially in the later stages of pregnancy
By choosing a shoe with ankle and arch supports you can reduce joint pains associated with walking if not eliminate them all together.

3. A little extra room.

Be prepared for a little/ or a lot of swelling especially in the summer. You are going to want a little bit of extra room to compensate for the swelling. Try not to make the purchase too early in the pregnancy. My second pregnancy gave me more swelling across the top of my foot and at the top of my sock line. When i took my trainers off at the end of the day, I would have a bulbous ankle.
 Sorry to say swelling WILL occur to some extent
Jumping up half a size (or even a FULL size) larger than what you currently wear will allow you to remain comfortable when the swelling suddenly strikes. Until the swelling comes you can always wear an extra pair of socks to fill in the extra room.
An added bonus to comfortable shoes is that they will allow you to remain standing for longer periods of time before your feet begin to fatigue.

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